Hunting Bees Live In the Forest

Among the species of wild bees (honeybees, bee tiger face, hornets …), the tiger is a species of bee’s most striping data. Some people call them the wasp or bee the demons are not wrong. Mr. Jenny, an experienced hunter, begins his story with a livelihood potential dangerous job: catch the tiger bee

Tracing wild bees

Jenny entered the profession at 20 years old, over 30 years of living by catching wild bees at first he looked older than his age 53. More than 30 years now, every night crying splashing down on an empty stomach, and had to climb despite knee strain, it is the only new disease, he says, from the forests to vast plains provinces, where there where wild bees that saved his footprints. About three years, older, more climbing, legs began to shake so little away

Hunting Bees

These trips a week, several hundred kilometers away to this day reduced to 1, two days. Multiple trips are carrying no money; he had to borrow from neighbors to reveal livelihood expenses. Many returns trip empty-handed. That’s when rookie inexperienced, see bees flying in the sky abound but do not know where that started nests them, and the feeling of hunger and fatigue.

  • Now his experience is very much. Looking at the sky flying bees flying guess we go to eat or to the nest… Such dry season, bees usually nest in trees near the edge of the forest, or where there are many flowers. Bees face tiger preferred nesting places along the banks of streams, fence. What suns rain bees also like to hide in the high mound. So, looking honeycomb honey must first seek places with flowers.

Honeybees have characteristics well-fed belly flew about, but usually, they go away 2 – 3km should be very strenuous. While the tiger bee’s hobby is scorpion bark eucalyptus, bark and then to other kinds of bark, usually go away not exceed half a kilometer. While bees prefer forest bark, start eating smaller bees and organized way about 300-400 m. But watching them flying hundreds of meters in the sky just a blink of the eye alone is deemed to lose track, backtrack to find others to follow.

  • Bees eat each couple or a pair of 3, close to the nest to fly on them suddenly perturbed down, even when they “release” out. In his experience, look bees to eat the couple, pair three he can guess fairly accurately in the organization of our forces there from 3000-4000 child; sporadic eating bees, so many troops also reach 1000-2000 figure. The Honeycomb the average tiger 2000-3000 figure. There is an individual team 15-16 story to 4000-5000 figures. Bee losses are less than the number of children, about 1000-2000 individuals/organizations
  • After finding honeycomb stamped on trees or the ground, he Jenny used sewing kit with nylon canvas, looked like “astronaut,” covering her from head to toe, hand wears plastic gloves. He said he’d have to neither break the needle prick nor touch the flesh. Then use the trees poked hold them fly out, grab nets them. If the bee, after catching a tiger face done up in the tree cut down the drive, “bait” to eat the bees also fly to grab it without missing a child. If the bee losses, after all, the bees racket began flying out the excavation conducted grab hold up.

A honeycomb surface tigers 9-10 stories he caught about 20-30 minutes to complete. And hornets’ nest by ground easier and faster starts. But sometimes having the honeycomb holes closed in bamboo spikes or the tree … very arduous unearth.

 But perhaps catch the easiest forest honey, there are times when he said from the need to weMad honey deadly hallucinogenar protective clothing, just burning dry wood to create the smoke about 1 minute and then removed to bring down somewhat secret.

Sometimes being honeybee “counterattack” burning a hundred arrows “but to no avail, for the bees to drink one glass of wine, take a few days to go forward.

Who buys, he reached into the nest began each child to count, take the money. Bees or hornets what the tiger too, after starting to sell out during the day, otherwise they will die. Therefore, there are beehives began the day if not sold to bring them gradually soaking liquor for sale. According to folklore, every 1,200 bees soaked 4 liters of wine, 100 days is drinkable, after every meal he drank one small sip, the effect of arthritis, osteoarthritis … Bees face extremely fierce tiger but immature bees (pupa) cooked chickpeas grandchildren, for a little coconut milk is delicious.

Dangerous profession!

For more than 30 years working as he does not remember how much he had commanded his disciples, but so far there are only two people engaged in this activity. But both have “features are not careful,” he warned many times but have not seen recently amended so he would not go along. By this very dangerous job, or a bee sting first miscarriage falls under trees lose their lives as players.

Doing so dangerous occupation often has to travel far, or climb, but he has nothing to fear or intolerance. However, there are a few times into the depths of the jungle … many trees have to 5-7 honeycomb honey, with the organization as big as the rroundtable dangling like a hammock, the taboo slightly. In the honeycomb thus obtained in dry season 8-9 liters of bile is normal.

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