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The Venturing Phenomenon: from caving to life-size video games, there always plenty to explore

Members of the BSA’s Venturing program get to do a lot of different things. Some activities like tomahawk throwing, shooting sports and fly-fishing teach Scouting skills. Others, like a life-size Angry Birds game, are just for fun.

Factors that Determine and Distinguish the Reflective and Non-reflective Targets

Hunting is no mean feat. It requires you to accurately identify your target and shoot only when you are confident that you will hit the target. For you to accomplish this venture hassle-free, you, by all means,

Native American PGA Tour Player Wins At Golf Club Opening

PGA Tour star Notah Begay III helped to commemorate the opening of the new $12 million championship Barona Creek Golf Club on February 1. Begay played in a nine-hole exhibition to benefit the Pro

Advertising comes to a golf cart near you; Indiana courses channeling new revenue stream

Advertisements beamed to golf carts are showing up at Hoosier courses courtesy of an Arizona firm that's delivering a new revenue stream for courses and a wealthy demographic for advertisers. Eleven Indiana courses, including Heartland Crossing Golf

Ads tee off via GPS golf program

With more than 700 courses--mostly resort or daily-fee--hooked up, and a potential consumer base of 10 million cartriders annually checking out their GPS infoscreens, ProLink Solutions offers an on-screen ad program that puts marketers' messages right next

The Four Must-to-Follow Rules about Using GPS Gadgets in Golf Tournaments

From the reviews of the golfers, you can find the best golf gps watch to buy from a thousand options. For example, Bushnell golf gps for the tournament is a great device.