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Book Review – Questions Jesus Asks by Israel Wayne


I really enjoyed reading this book.  It starts out with an introduction on the divinity and humanity of Jesus and explores the question, “Was Jesus Omniscient?”

This is well written, well thought out.  Each chapter begins with a personal story to introduce the nature of the question being explored.  The chapters are insightful and take a look at the common assumptions, prejudices and inner thoughts associated with each question and the underlying reason Jesus asked them in the first place.  All annotated!  I love reading the notes in books.

I was initially surprised at the number of questions Jesus did ask!  The questions and doctrine dealt with in this book are:

1) Who do people say that I am? (Christology)
2) Didn’t you know? (Virgin Birth)

3) Who are my mother and brothers? (Family)

4) What are you seeking? (Discipleship)

5) What will it profit a man? (Money)

6) Who touched me? (Healing)

7) Do you want to get well? (Counseling)

8) Why are you afraid? (Fear)

9) What is your name? (Demonology)

10) What were you arguing about?  (Servanthood)

11) Whose image is this? (Government)

12) Has no one condemned you? (Forgiveness)

13) Are you not in error? (Apologetics)

14) Why do you call me Lord? (Lordship)

15) Are you still sleeping? (Prayer)

16) Why have you forsaken me? (Suffering)

17) Do you love me? (Love)

18) Why do you persecute me? (Persecution)

19) How are you to escape from hell? (Hell)

20) Do you believe this? (Resurrection)

And was struck again by the fact that Jesus didn’t usually answer questions with an answer but a question!  Jesus’ questions to a question are heart piercing – getting right to the main issue and making not only the initial hearer stand up and take notice, but for all who read those questions today.

I appreciated that Wayne uses scripture to validate his points and not mere opinion.  He also gives good historical background information so we can understand the thinking and understanding of the people at that time in question (no pun intended).  Many traditions and ways of thinking by 1st century Jews are completely lost on us today.  This rich background information made each chapter a mini bible lesson on each topic being explored.  But don’t let that scare you off!  Each term is explained and defined well and in easy to understand terms so you don’t need to be a bible scholar in order to enjoy and glean much wisdom from this book.  It would be easy for those young in the faith or young in years to grasp solid biblical doctrine that elude many in today’s churches.  The subjects in each chapter are so important for every single person in the church to understand rightly today.

There is also much meat here for the seasoned Christ follower to make this a book worth having on your shelves!  Not only in the content of the chapters, but also in the Introduction where he deals with the divinity/humanity of Christ, but also in the two appendices.  Even these subjects are dealt with in an easy to understand way for non-biblical scholars.

I received a copy of this book free in exchange for an honest review.

Blessings, Aunt Mae (Mrs. R)

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